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Securing new sites for new plant expansion
  • DATE2022.05.27
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We believe that it is necessary to expand a new factory in order to actively respond to the increase in demand for materials and components for semiconductor process and to discover and foster new growth engines in the future
We have decided to invest in a new site in Anseong City as below. 

The new site is about 1.4 times larger than the existing office building site, and this investment secures accessibility to semiconductor clusters in the Seoul metropolitan area 
We have laid the foundation for actively responding to customer demand. 

     1. Industrial complex name: Anseong Techno Valley 
     2. Project location: Chugok-ri, Yangseong-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do (Seoanseong IC 7km distance)
     3. Site area: 45,295 m²
     4. Project period: 2022 to 2024
          (There is a possibility of change depending on the schedule, implementation company, and circumstances of the competent authority)
     5. Investment amount: KRW 25.7 billion (limited to land purchase contracts)