About Us

Leads the world’s semiconductor technology with vigorous energy and imagination

Shareholder Company

Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd.

  • Establishment
  • Head Office
  • Factory
    Tanoura, Chigasaki, Honfu, Ishinomaki, etc
  • Laboratory
    Fuji, Tanoura, Chita, etc
  • Affiliated Company
    Korea, USA, China, Thailand, etc
  • Main Product
    Artificial Graphite Electrodes / Carbon Black
    Carbon and Engineered Products / Friction Materials, etc.

KC Co., Ltd.

  • Establishment
  • Head Office
  • Factory
    Anseong 1,2,3,4 Factory, Seoul Office
  • Affiliated Company
    Subsidiary, Joint venture: KCTech, KCEnC, KCTNS, KCInnovation, KKTech
  • Main pProduct
    Specialty Gas Supply System
    Central Chemical Supply System(CCSS)