Advanced Ceramic Component Material Specialist TCK

SiC/Graphite specialized company.
Leading the world semiconductor technology with vital energy and imagination.

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Sustainable Management

Ethics management
Basic Philosophy : Bond of Trust
Bond of trust represent a relationship based on trust among stakeholders, And supporting this bond of trust is a cycle of value between the company and its stakeholders.

The cycle of value means that the delegation of management resources from the stakeholders to create added value (through manufacture of products and services) and returning them to the stakeholders.
품질경영 ISO 9001 : 2008
Quality management ISO 9001 : 2008
Value Creation for Customers
Securing Technological Advantage
Best Competitiveness
Change of Thinking for Challenge and Innovation


환경경영시스템  ISO14001
Environmental Management ISO14001
Management System Compatible with the Environment Impact
Continuous improvements on legal and environmental compliance
Environmentally friendly company in tune with the national environmental agenda.


환경경영시스템  ISO14001
Safety and Health Management KOSHA 18001
Prevention of safety accidents, progress of improvement activities
Creation of comfortable working environment
Safety of employees and promotion of health