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  • Dormitory
    Depending on the commuting distances, designated apartments in Anseong City will be provided as dormitories
  • Deposit / loan support
    The Company offers low interest loan to employees to provide opportunities of purchasing or leasing houses
  • Commuting Bus
    Commuting bus service is provided to company dormitories and key locations in Anseong.
  • Recreational facilities (condominiums)
    Several major resort condominiums are contracted with TOKAI CARBON KOREA Co., Ltd. for employees.
  • Tuition Grants
    Provide the Tuition for high school and college students of the employees. For students who are studying abroad, tuition equivalent to Korean private university is provided.
  • Flexible Benefit Plan
    Welfare mileage that employees can freely use for their self-development and health promotion purposes (additional mileage for birthday and anniversary celebration).
    Scope: travel, language courses, on-line courses, books, movies, performances, fitness and yoga, exercise equipment, etc.
  • Congratulatory and Condolence leave
    The Company provides paid leaves and gratuity/condolence money for such occasions.
  • Club activities Subsidy
    Various club activities are running for employees.
    (Soccer, baseball, bowling, hiking, bicycle riding, movie, and volunteer clubs)
  • Anniversaries
    Welfare mileage is provided for wedding anniversary, employee birthday, traditional holiday (New Year/Chuseok).
  • In-house cafeteria
    The Company provides free breakfast, lunch and dinner for all employees, and snacks for direct labors. Free Coffee and Tea are available as well.
  • Medical Insurance
    The Company has group insurance to prepare the employees’ injury & disease.
  • Company events
    Annual in-house/outdoor events are organized for all employees to enhance the teamwork.
  • Comprehensive Medical Test
    Comprehensive medical testing on regular basis is provided to employees including their spouses.
  • In-house Fitness Gym and movie theater operations
    Operate an in-house Fitness Gym for 24/7 to improve the health of employees and an in-house movie theater where we can watch movies after work.