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Leads the world’s semiconductor technology with vigorous energy and imagination

Company History


  1. 2022

    • 11Included in KOSDAQ Global index
    • 10SK siltron Award for Best Partner
    • 05SEMES Award for Best Achievement
  2. 2021

    • 12Exportation of 100 million dollars Award
    • 10Lam Research's Ramp Performance Award
    • 09Tokyo Electron Korea Best Partner Award,2021
  3. 2020

    • 12Applied Materials Supplier Day, Excellence in Aftermarket Support Award
    • 11SK Siltron Best Partner Award,2020
    • 10Prime Minister Award on Semiconductor Day
    • 09Tokyo Electron Korea Best Partner Award,2020
    • 03Selection of sincere tax office in Gyeonggi-do
  4. 2019

    • 12Selected as a community contribution certified company (Health and Welfare Department)
    • 10Opening Block B Plant
    • 10Technology Contest Award for High-tech Material Parts Root Industry
    • 06Awarded The Korea KOSDAQ(Best Transparent Management Award)
    • 03Awarded Samsung's Material/Parts Excellence Partner,2018
    • 01Youth-Affiliated Business of 2019 Nomination
  5. 2018

    • 12Exportation of Seven Million Dollar Award
    • 11Awarded Venture 100 billion Company
    • 10An-Seong Chamber of Commerce & Industry Awarded, National Assemblymen for Exportation
    • 105X Uninjury Record Accomplishment
    • 09Block B Groundbreaking Ceremony
    • 02Awarded Samsung's Material/Parts Excellence Partner,2017
  6. 2017

    • 12Applied Materials Supplier Day, Accelerated Growth & Performance Award
    • 12Exportation of Thirty Million Dollar Award
    • 12Youth-Affiliated Business of 2018 Nomination
    • 12Awarded Jusung Engineering's Excellence Partner,2017
    • 09Lam Research Supplier Day, Supplier Excellence Award,2016
    • 074X Uninjury Record Accomplishment
  7. 2016

    • 12Commerce Day Exportation of Twenty Million Dollar Award
    • 12Award for Industrial Honor
    • 11KOSHA18001 Certification
    • 03Prime Minister Award on Taxpayer Day
  8. 2015

    • 12Trade Day Recognition Award (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Secretary Award)
    • 12Republic of Korea Technology Grand Award (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Secretary Award)
    • 10Small and Medium Enterprises Technical Cooperation Award (Small and Medium Business Administration Finance Minister Award)
    • 10Venture Vitalization Award of Recognition (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Secretary Award)
    • 03Head office relocation (Gaejung Industrial Estate)
  9. 2014

    • 02Commercialized Carbon Chuck for Poly Si Reactor
  10. 2013

    • 07Commercialized CVD SiC Ring
  11. 2011

    • 09Opening 2st Plant